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Your new puppy is home, a cute and cuddly ball of fluff that loves everyone, making you laugh with kisses and cuddles--and puppy grooming may not be on your radar. Though now, while they are young they’re still trusting, and willing to let strangers handle them. They will acclimate​ to strange noises and sensation comparatively easy.

Introducing grooming in a positive way allows the pup to build a nice association with brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers and the handling that is associated with the grooming process.

You can help by getting your puppy used to some of those noises and activities:

  • Brushing with a gentle brush and comb
  • Playing with and massaging their feet and face
  • Use a hand-held blow dryer on low heat and keep the dryer moving around
  • You can use a metal spoon or your nail clippers to just gently tap their nails.
  • Don’t forget their back paws
  • By doing these things a least once-a-day will help your new puppy get used to being handled
  • Getting your puppy accustomed to standing on a raised surface will lessen fears when our groomer places them up on the grooming table.
  • Have some yummy small treats on hand also

12-Weeks old TO 6 MONTHS

To safely introduce your puppy to grooming and provide an awesome experience we begin with a warm soapy fun bath.  After  blow drying we take a good look at their face and fanny to make sure they are trimmed and neat and finally we get your baby used to having those nails trimmed. 

Don't worry we will give any tips you need to follow at home and you are welcome to call us if you need more advise.

45.00 AND UP

6 /8 Months

By now we have made good friends with your growing pup.  It is now time for a full all over hair cut. We do this along with all the other grooming needs provided during their first two visit.  Then we do this once again during their 8th month visit.

50.00 AND UP

9/12 Months

During this special month we will provide all the services we have provided  so far and we will add a special Blue Berry Facial that your pup is now ready for and is well deserved.

55.00 AND UP

Happy 1st Birthday

When finally the big day arrives we want to celebrate with you.  Your grown-up Pup will receive a full grooming service at half price along with a Birthday surprise to enjoy with us or take back home.  

Join our Puppy Program and Save 

This program is design with you and your puppy in mind.  We take you through the first year of your pets life and celebrate at one year with you both.  You will receive discounts along the way and the whole time your pet is loved and truly becomes apart of our family.  Contact us today for more information.  ​

Program open to all breeds up to 6 months old. 

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